New Issue: Journal of Documentation

Volume 74 Issue 4, 2018

What does it mean to adopt a metadata standard? A case study of Omeka and the Dublin Core
Deborah Maron, Melanie Feinberg

The relationship between students’ subject preferences and their information behaviour
Andrew D. Madden, Sheila Webber, Nigel Ford, Mary Crowder

Air pollution online: everyday environmental information on the social media site Sina Weibo
Carin Graminius, Jutta Haider

Social media as a vehicle for user engagement with local history: A case study in the North East of Scotland
Caroline Hood, Peter Reid

Data rescue archive weather (DRAW): Preserving the complexity of historical climate data
Eun G. Park, Gordon Burr, Victoria Slonosky, Renee Sieber, Lori Podolsky

Developing a model to explore the information seeking behaviour of farmers
M.G.P.P. Mahindarathne, Qingfei Min

“Natural allies”: Librarians, archivists, and big data in international digital humanities project work
Alex H. Poole, Deborah A. Garwood

Transitions in workplace information practices and culture: The influence of newcomers on information use in healthcare
Anita Nordsteien, Katriina Byström

Long-term community development within a researcher network: A social network analysis of the DREaM project cadre
Hazel Hall, Peter Cruickshank, Bruce Ryan

“Systemic Managerial Constraints”: How universities influence the information behaviour of HSS early career academics
Rebekah Willson

Lifeworld as “unit of analysis”
Tim Gorichanaz, Kiersten F. Latham, Elizabeth Wood

User conceptualizations of derivative relationships in the bibliographic universe
Kim Tallerås, Jørn Helge B. Dahl, Nils Pharo

New Issue: Journal of Documentation

Journal of Documentation Vol. 74 Issue 1 (2018)
note: the articles listed are ones most relevant to archives and this is not the entire table of contents

“Curating the infosphere: Luciano Floridi’s Philosophy of Information as the foundation for library and information science”
David Bawden, Lyn Robinson

“The tattoo as a document”
Kristina Sundberg, Ulrika Kjellman

“Provenance description of metadata application profiles for long-term maintenance of metadata schemas”
Chunqiu Li, Shigeo Sugimoto

“Archives, libraries and museums in the Nordic model of the public sphere”
Håkon Larsen

“Toward sustainable publishing and querying of distributed Linked Data archives”
Miel Vander Sande, Ruben Verborgh, Patrick Hochstenbach, Herbert Van de Sompel


New/Recent Scholarship: Articles

Standards for Archives” Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology Volume 43, Issue 2, December/January 2017
Morag Boyd

A Community-Driven Metadata Framework for Describing Cultural Resources: The Digital Library North Project” Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, Volume 55, 2017
Sharon Farnel ORCID Icon, Ali Shiri, Sandra Campbell, Cathy Cockney, Dinesh Rathi & Robyn Stobbs

Preservation practices of new media artists: Challenges, strategies, and attitudes in the personal management of artworks” Journal of Documentation, Volume 73 Issue 4, 2017
Colin Post

Value Co-Creation in Archival Resources: Exploring the Feature of National Archives of Bangladesh (NAB)’s Open Access Project” International Journal of Library and Information Services (IJLIS) 6(2)
Md. Mukhlesur Rahman (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Nomi, Japan), Toufiq Ahmed (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Nomi, Japan) and Kunio Shirahada (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Nomi, Japan

Development of Digital Libraries in India: a Survey of Digital Collection of National Digital Library of India” International Research: Journal of Library and Information Science 7 No. 2 (June 2017)
Mohd Iqbal Bhat

Among Drowned Lives: Digital Archives and Migrant Memories in the Age of Transmediality” Auto/Biography Studies 32 No. 3, Special Issue: Excavating Lives (2017)
Alice Cati & Maria Francesca Piredda

Researching Researchers: Meeting Changing Researcher Needs in a Special Collections Environment” New Review of Academic Librarianship Vol. 23 , Iss. 2-3,2017
Francesca Baseby

The Building Blocks of History” Greater Faculties: A Review of Teaching
and Learning
Nicole Martin

Introduction: The Politics of Archives,” Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies Vol. 53 no. 3
Bettina Brandt and Valentina Glajar

Radicalizing the Digital Humanities: Reimagining Environmental Justice Research and Teaching” Radical Teacher: A Socialist, Feminist, and Anti-Racist Journal on the Theory and Practice of Teaching Vol. 109
Stevie Ruiz, Maira Areguin, Eduardo Estrada, Jesus Jimenez, Diane Lopez, Karla Sanchez, Janet Valenzuela

Aboriginal voices in government records 1838-1968” Agora Vol. 52 no. 3
Georgia Harris

Social activism in the United States: Digital collection and primary sources,” College & Research Library News Vol. 78 no. 8
Jennifer Kaari

When Archives and Libraries Collaborate: One Institution Benefiting Another,” South Carolina Libraries, Vol. 3 no. 1
Shannon Smith

A Baseline Search Engine for Personal Life Archives
Liting Zhou, Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, Cathal Gurrin

Did it count?: Preservice teachers’ reflections on teaching with primary sourcesSocial Studies Research and Practice
Deborah Lynn Morowski and Theresa M. McCormick

Global Digital Culture| Poor Images, Ad Hoc Archives, Artists’ Rights: The Scrappy Beauties of Handmade Digital Culture” International Journal of Communication Vol. 11
Laura U. Marks

Running With the Ball? Making a Play for Sport Heritage Archives in Higher Education Contexts” International Journal of Heritage Studies
Geoff Kohe

New Issue: Journal of Documentation

Volume 73, Issue 1


Re-conceiving time in reference and information services work: a qualitative secondary analysis
Jenny Bossaller, Christopher Sean Burns, Amy VanScoy

A knowledge management framework for effective integration of national archives resources in China
Xiaomi An, Wenlin Bai, Hepu Deng, Shuyang Sun, Wenrui Zhong, Yu Dong

Researching fractured (information) landscapes: Implications for library and information science researchers undertaking research with refugees and forced migration studies
Annemaree Lloyd

Cult of the “I”: Organizational symbolism and curricula in three Scandinavian iSchools with comparisons to three American
Koraljka Golub, Joacim Hansson, Lars Selden

Warrant as a means to study classification system design
Julia Bullard

The conceptual ecology of digital humanities
Alex H. Poole

An analytical approach to building a core ontology for food
Devika P. Madalli, Usashi Chatterjee, Biswanath Dutta

In-between strengthened accessibility and economic demands: Analysing self-service libraries from a user perspective
Lisa Engström, Johanna Rivano Eckerdal

GAFA speaks: metaphors in the promotion of cloud technology
Maria Lindh, Jan Michael Nolin

Reviews and Commentaries

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Steven Laporte

New Issue: Journal of Documentation

Abstracts are available; accessible by subscription or pay; see a list of databases where it is indexed and/or abstracted. Note: not all articles are archives-related, but a few may have information or techniques that can be applied; and there is an article by Alex H. Poole about digital curation.

Pictorial metaphors for information
Jenna Hartel and Reijo Savolainen

To document the undocumentable
Ulrika Kjellman

Perceived self-efficacy and interactive video retrieval
Dan Albertson and Boryung Ju

Towards global music digital libraries
Xiao Hu and Jin Ha Lee

The construct validity of the h-index
Cameron Stewart Barnes

Using the domain analytical approach in the study of information practices in biomedicine
Annikki Roos and Turid Hedlund

Nanook of the North (USA, 1922/1947/1976/1998) and film exhibition in the classical silent era
Roswitha Skare

Information in the knowledge acquisition process
Boris Bosancic

The conceptual landscape of digital curation
Alex H. Poole