New Issue: International Journal of Digital Curation

Volume 14 no. 1 (2019)
(open access)

Papers (Peer-reviewed)

Digital Curation Education at the Universities of Ibadan and Liverpool
Abiola Abioye, James Lowry, Rosemary Lynch

Progress in Research Data Services
Andrew M Cox, Dr, Mary Anne Kennan, Dr, Elizabeth Josephine Lyon, Dr, Stephen Pinfield, Dr, Laura Sbaffi, Dr

Putting the Trust into Trusted Data Repositories: A Federated Solution for the Australian National Imaging Facility
Andrew James Mehnert, Andrew Janke, Marco Gruwel, Wojtek James Goscinski, Thomas Close, Dean Taylor, Aswin Narayanan, George Vidalis, Graham Galloway, Andrew Treloar

Updating the Data Curation Continuum
Andrew Treloar, Jens Klump

Identifying Topical Coverages of Curricula using Topic Modeling and Visualization Techniques: A Case of Digital and Data Curation
Seungwon Yang, Boryung Ju, Haeyong Chung


Developing a data management consultation service for faculty researchers: A case study from a large Midwestern public university
Virginia A Dressler, Kristin Yeager, Elizabeth Richardson

Experimental Data Curation at Large Instrument Facilities with Open Source Software
Line Pouchard, Kerstin Kleese van Dam, Stuart I Campbell

New Issue: COMMA

Volume 2017, Issue 2, 2019

Amy Tector


Auto-classification in an international organization: report from a feasibility study
Gesa Büttner

Les barrières à l’accès aux documents administratifs au Ministère de l’économie, de la planification et de l’aménagement du Territoire du Cameroun
Jacques Albert Monty

The disconnect between archival descriptive technique and records management taxonomies
G. Mark Walsh

Archivists as amanuenses (scribes) of Indigenous knowledge
Nicola Laurent

Las nuevas realidades de la reprografía en archivos: de los metadatos a la gestión de procesos
Francisco Javier Crespo Muñoz

L’archivistique au Maroc : naissance, évolution et situation actuelle
Siham Alaoui

Quelles archives pour la société de demain? Le débat autour de la collecte des archives en France depuis les années 2000
Marie Ranquet

The physical barriers to accessing the documentary heritage at the National Archives of Zimbabwe
Forget Chaterera Antonio Rodrigues

El arte de robar Arte: Por una cartografía de los robos en Brasil y sus conexiones
Beatriz Kushnir

Archivos digitales, gobierno abierto y transparencia
Alicia Barnard

The uses of Wikidata for galleries, libraries, archives and museums and its place in the digital humanities
Stacey Cook

Requirements for archives and records management jobs in international organizations with focus on United Nations – A job analysis of the vacancy announcements in 2016
Maik Schmerbauch

International trends in standardizing archival terminology : the Multilingual Archival Terminology (MAT) as a model
Amany Mohamed

New/Recent Publications: Books

Miscellaneous Order: Manuscript Culture and the Early Modern Organization of Knowledge
Angus Vine
(Oxford University Press, 2019)

Reference Librarianship & Justice: History, Practice & Praxis
Editors: Kate Adler, Ian Beilin, and Eamon Tewell
(Library Juice Press, 2018)

Encyclopedia of Archival Writers, 1515 – 2015
Edited by Luciana Duranti and Patricia C. Franks
(Rowman & Littlefield, 2019)

Miscellaneous Order: Manuscript Culture and the Early Modern Organization of Knowledge
Angus Vine
(Oxford University Press, 2019)

Crowdsourcing our Cultural Heritage
Edited by Mia Ridge
(Routledge, 2017)

Ethics for Records and Information Management
Norman A. Mooradian
(ALA Neal-Shuman, 2018)

Remembering and Forgetting in the Digital Age
Authors: Florent Thouvenin, Peter Hettich, Herbert Burkert, Urs Gasser
(Springer International Publishing, 2018)

The Routledge Handbook of Audiovisual Translation
Edited by Luis Pérez-González
(Routledge, 2018)

The Missing Pages: The Modern Life of a Medieval Manuscript, from Genocide to Justice
Heghnar Zeitlian Watenpaugh
(Stanford University Press, 2019)

Leadership Matters: Leading Museums in an Age of Discord 2nd Edition
Anne W. Ackerson, Joan H. Baldwin
(American Association for State and Local History, 2019)

Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts: The St. Chad Gospels, Materiality, Recoveries, and Representation in 2D & 3D
Bill Endries
(ARC Humanities Press, 2019)

Andrew Lison, Tomislav Medak, Marcell Mars, Rick Prelinger
(Open access from Meson Press; available for purchase from The University of Minnesota Press)

Retroactivism in the Lesbian Archives: Composing Pasts and Futures
Jean Bessette
(Southern Illinois University Press, 2017)

New/Recent Publications: Articles

History in the Making: Outreach and Collaboration between Special Collections and Makerspaces,” Collaborative Librarianship 10 no. 2 (2018).
Erin Passehl-Stoddart, Ashlyn Velte, Kristin J. Henrich, and Annie M. Gaines

Informatics for cultural heritage instruction: an ontological framework,” Journal of Documentation Volume 75 Issue 2 (2019)
Sonia Yaco, Arkalgud Ramaprasad

USC Digital Voltaire: Centering Digital Humanities in the Traditions of Library and Archival Science,” Libraries and the Academy Volume 19, Number 1, January 2019
Danielle Mihram and Curtis Fletcher

Music Archives in the Twenty-First Century: The Challenges of Politics and Technology,” Archival Notes No. 3 (2018)
Gianmario Borio

“‘The Darmstadt Events’. Archival Strategies, Music-Historical Work and Cultural-Political Research Perspectives on the Development of the Digital Archive,” Archival Notes No. 3 (2018)
Dörte Schmidt

Personal digital archiving for journalists: a “private” solution to a public problem,” Library Hi-Tech Vol. 36 no. 4 (2018)
Rachel King

Capitalizing on short-term collaborative projects: A special collections case study,” College & Research Library News Vol. 80 no. 18 (2019)
Erin Passehl-Stoddart, Ashlyn Velte

India’s Digital Archives: Online Spaces for Cultural Heritage,” Asiascape: Digital Asia Vol. 6 no. 1-2 (2019)
Katja Müller

Trans Memory Archive,”  Transgender Studies Quarterly Vol. 6 no. 2 (2019)
María Belén Correa, (founder) ; Cecilia Estalles ; Carla Pericles ; Ivana Bordei ; Magalí Muñíz ; Carolina Figueredo

The Archive and Chieftainship Claims in Zimbabwe: Some Methodological Reflections,” History in Africa Vol. 46 (2019)
George Bishi

Redemptorist Archives: A Three-Year Review,American Catholic Studies Volume 130, Number 1, Spring 2019
Patrick J. Hayes

New Issue: Archives & Records

Special Issue: After the Digital Revolution. Guest Editor: Lise Jaillant

After the digital revolution: working with emails and born-digital records in literary and publishers’ archives
Lise Jaillant

Appraising, processing, and providing access to email in contemporary literary archives
J. Schneider, C. Adams, S. DeBauche, R. Echols, C. McKean, J. Moran & D. Waugh

Literary archives in the digital age: issues and encounters with Australian writers
Kevin Molloy

‘Missing Presumed’: computer games and digital adventures in the Colin Smythe/Terry Pratchett Collection
Maria Castrillo

Observing the author–editor relationship: recordkeeping and literary scholarship in dialogue
Jenny Bunn & Samantha J. Rayner

The forensic imagination: interdisciplinary approaches to tracing creativity in writers’ born-digital archives
Paul Gooding, Jos Smith & Justine Mann

Negotiating the born-digital: a problem of search
Jane Winters & Andrew Prescott


Recent Issue: RBM

Spring 2019
Editor’s Note
Richard Saunders. “Editor’s Note.”

Research Articles
Maggie Gallup Kopp. “Internships in Special Collections: Experiential Pedagogy, Intentional Design, and High-Impact Practice.”

Sarah Wilkinson. “Who Owns these Records? Authority, Ownership, and Custody of Iraq’s Baath Party Records.”

Book Reviews

Cassie Brand. Eric Marshall White. Editio Princeps: A History of the Gutenberg Bible.

Katherine Fisher. Michèle Valerie Cloonan. The Monumental Challenge of Preservation: The Past in a Volatile World.

Tamara E. Livingston. Paul Conway and Martha O’Hara Conway. Flood in Florence, 1966: A Fifty-Year Retrospective: Proceedings of Symposium, November 3 and 4, 2016, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Richard L. Saunders. John Carter’s ABC for Book Collectors, 9th edition. Nicholas Barker and Simran Thadani, eds. and Sidney E. Berger. The Dictionary of the Book: A Glossary for Book Collectors, Booksellers, Librarians, and Others.


New Issue: Information & Culture

Volume 54 Number 2 (May 2019)


Making Messages Private: The Formation of Postal Privacy and Its Relevance for Digital Surveillance
Efrat Nechushtai

Archival Automation in the United Kingdom and the Relationship between Standardization and Computerization
Jenny Bunn

Information in an Industrial Culture: Walter A. Shewhart and the Evolution of the Control Chart, 1917–1954
Phillip G. Bradford and Paul J. Miranti

Innovation in Search of a Context: The Early History of Lexis
Xiaohua Zhu


Making IT Work: A History of the Computer Services Industry by Jeffrey R. Yost (review)
Sarah A. Bell

Weaving the Dark Web: Legitimacy on Freenet, Tor, and I2P by Robert Gehl (review)
Elinor Carmi

Open Space: The Global Effort for Open Access to Environmental Satellite Data by Mariel Borowitz (review)
Robert D. Montoya

My Life as a Spy: Investigations in a Secret Police File by Katherine Verdery (review)
Kalpana Shankar