New Issue: Library Trends

I am deviating from posting archives-related content because I believe many of you will be interested in this special issue of Library Trends. While I have not (yet) read it, I hope it contains information that we can also use in our practices.


Volume 67, Number 3, Winter 2019
Disabled Adults in Libraries
Jessica Schomberg and Shanna Hollich, Issue Editors

Jessica Schomberg, Shanna Hollich


The Impact of Disbelief: On Being a Library Employee with a Disability
JJ Pionke

Reproductive Failure and Information Work: An Autoethnography
Gina Schlesselman-Tarango

Disability, Identity, and Professionalism: Precarity in Librarianship
Christine M. Moeller

Claiming Our Space: A Quantitative and Qualitative Picture of Disabled Librarians
Robin Brown, Scott Sheidlower

Disability, the Silent D in Diversity
Teneka Williams, Asha Hagood

Evaluating the User Experience of Patrons with Disabilities at a Community College Library
Catherine Pontoriero, Gina Zippo-Mazur

Access Provision for Sight Impaired Students (SISs) in Nigerian University Libraries
Emmanuel Chukwudi Ihekwoaba, Roseline Ngozi Okwor, Austin Jude Chikaodi Mole, Caroline Uchenna Nnadi

Supporting Students with Histories of Trauma in Libraries: A Collaboration of Accessibility and Library Services
Sasha Conley, Aaron Ferguson, Alana Kumbier

Beyond Sensory Story Time: An Intersectional Analysis of Information Seeking Among Parents of Autistic Individuals
Amelia N. Gibson, Dana Hanson-Baldauf

Archives and Manuscripts Special Issue: Information Technologies and Indigenous Communities

The long-awaited Information Technologies and Indigenous Communities special issue of Archives and Manuscripts has been published online. ASA Members get free access to all A&M papers online via the Taylor and Francis webpage, make sure you log in via the member centre, to take full advantage of your membership.

This most recent issue was guest edited by Lyndon Ormond-Parker and Aaron Corn and contains revised versions of papers that were presented at the Information Technology and Indigenous Communities (ITIC) symposium that took place in tandem with the ASA Conference 2017.

Topics covered include audiovisual archives, the administration of Indigenous archives, connecting community to their archives, digital tools and approaches to representing Indigenous knowledge.

Eight peer-reviewed articles are complemented by two reflections that explore specific archives in depth. Two book reviews are included about recent books that have built significantly on research into archived Indigenous resources.

Lots of food for thought and practical examples of managing archives in a changing world.

New Issue: Archives and Records

Archives and Records, Volume 40 2019

Editorial: estate archives
Sarah Higgins, Shaun Evans & Julie Mathias

Archived in the landscape? Community, family and partnership: promoting heritage and community priorities through the Argyll estate papers
Annie Tindley, Micky Gibbard & Alison Diamond

‘Filling the family coffers’: commercial opportunities for estate archives
Vicki Perry

Assessing the impact of collections-based collaboration across archives and academia: the Penrhyn estate archive
Shaun Evans & Elen Wyn Simpson

‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’: using an estate collection to develop an online presence
Anna-Maria Hajba

Culzean: what do the ledgers tell us?
Michael Moss

Towards a toolkit for estate records
Julie Mathias, Shaun Evans & J Gwilym Owen


First world war military service tribunals: Warwick district appeal tribunal, 1916-1918
Michael Page

Rogue archives: digital cultural memory and media fandom
Andrew Flinn

Archives principles and practices
Alexandrina Buchanan

New Issue: Archival Science

Archival Science, Volume 19, Issue 1, March 2019

Archives as places, places as archives: doors to privilege, places of connection or haunted sarcophagi of crumbling skeletons?
Belinda Battley

“Something that feels like a community”: the role of personal stories in building community-based participatory archives
Ana Roeschley, Jeonghyun Kim

Unpacking the boxes of Adão Ventura’s archive: reflections on the black poet in the literary archive
Gustavo Tanus

New Issue: Records Management Journal

Records Management Journal, Volume 29 Issue 1/2

Guest editorial
Elizabeth Lomas, Basma Makhlouf Shabou, Arina Grazhenskaya

Perspectives on the relationship between records management and information governance
Julie Brooks

The influence of organizational culture on information governance effectiveness
Ali Daneshmandnia

The defensible deletion of government email
James Lappin, Tom Jackson, Graham Matthews, Ejovwoke Onojeharho

A must for agencies or a candidate for deletion: A grounded theory investigation of the relationships between records management and information security
Sherry Li Xie

Theory, regulation and practice in Swedish digital records appraisal
Elisabeth Klett

An integrated framework to elevate information governance to a national level in South Africa
Paul Anthony Mullon, Mpho Ngoepe

Leadership and political will for implementation of the access to information (ATI) Act (2016) in Kenya
Victor Kabata, Francis Garaba

The impact of new public management through outsourcing on the management of government information: The case of Sweden
Proscovia Svärd

Open government data: critical information management perspectives
Elizabeth Shepherd, Jenny Bunn, Andrew Flinn, Elizabeth Lomas, Anna Sexton, Sara Brimble, Katherine Chorley, Emma Harrison, James Lowry, Jessica Page

The role of information governance in e-discovery – the case of China
Guanyan Fan

Participatory information governance: Transforming recordkeeping for childhood out-of-home Care
Joanne Evans, Sue McKemmish, Gregory Rolan

Balancing information governance obligations when accessing social care data for collaborative research
Malkiat Thiarai, Sarunkorn Chotvijit, Stephen Jarvis

The role of archives and records management legislation after colonialism in Africa: Case of Southern Africa
Nkholedzeni Sidney Netshakhuma

The inevitability of digital transfer: How prepared are UK public bodies for the transfer of born-digital records to the archives?
Lale Özdemir

“The margin between the edge of the world and infinite possibility”: Blockchain, GDPR and information governance
Darra Hofman, Victoria Louise Lemieux, Alysha Joo, Danielle Alves Batista

The monistic diversity of continuum informatics: A method for analysing the relationships between recordkeeping informatics, ethics and information governance
Frank Upward

Situating trust challenges of online trade
Tove Engvall

New Issue: New Review of Information Networking

There are several articles in this journal issue that highlight archives and digital content.

New Review of Information Networking, Volume 23, 2018 – Issue 1-2

Using Web Analytics to Assess Traffic to the Mandela Portal: The Case of African Countries
Shadrack Katuu

IT Governance of Dutch Municipalities and Digital Information Management
Jeanine de Gier

Accelerating Records Management at CERN
Andrew Short

Relative Advantages of Digital Preservation Management in Developing Countries
Eric Boamah

A Case Study: Management and Exploitation of the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency Geoscience Data Archive
Jaana Pinnick ORCID Icon, Andrew Riddick, Robert McLaverty & Garry Baker

New Translations: IASA-TC 03

While this is not scholarly per se, I want to highlight the new Portuguese and German translations of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives’ Safeguarding of the Audiovisual Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy (IASA-TC 03). Congrats to IASA on their great work!


IASA is excited to announce the release of a German translation of The Safeguarding of the Audiovisual Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy (IASA-TC 03). The new translation is available as a PDF only on the web edition page for TC 03 here:

IASA thanks Dietrich Schüller and Kurt Deggeller for their extraordinary work in ensuring the completion and publication of this new translation.


IASA is excited to announce the release of a Portuguese (Brazilian) translation of The Safeguarding of the Audiovisual Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy (IASA-TC 03). The new translation is available as a PDF only on the web edition page for TC 03 here:

IASA thanks Ariane Gervásio and Marco Dreer for their extraordinary work in ensuring the completion and publication of this new translation. IASA also thanks members of the Associação Brasileira de Preservação Audiovisual (ABPA), especially Carlos Roberto de Souza, Igor Calado, and Ines Aisengart Menezes, for their assistance with reviewing the translation for publication.