Archives in Context (Society of American Archivists)
The podcast about archives and the people behind them.

An Archivist’s Tale
Archivists in conversation with archivists, discussing their work and passions and how they care for the historical record and present the storied past. Hosted by husband and wife team Karen Trivette and Geof Huth.

Brooklyn Historical Society
Flatbush + Main explores Brooklyn’s past and present through scholarly discussions, historical archives, and oral histories.

Collections Up Close (Minnesota Historical Society)

Interference Archive

Kansas Historical Society
Get an insider’s perspective on interesting objects in Kansas history. Listen to the stories of Kansans — some famous, some infamous, and some just average folks. These podcasts, produced by the Kansas Historical Society, all feature items from our collections rich in Kansas history.

The Keepers from The Kitchen Sisters
The Kitchen Sisters are embarking on a new NPR and podcast series, The Keepers — stories of activist archivists, rogue librarians, curators, collectors and historians. Keepers of the culture and the cultures and collections they keep. Guardians of history, large and small, protectors of the free flow of information and ideas, eccentric individuals who take it upon themselves to preserve some part of our cultural heritage.

Library and Archives Canada
Episodes will showcase treasures from our collection, guide you through our many services, and introduce you to the people who acquire, safeguard and make known Canada’s documentary heritage.

Library of Congress
Discover the treasures of the Library through its experts and special guests.

More Podcast, Less Process
More Podcast, Less Process is a podcast featuring interviews with archivists, librarians, preservationists, technologists, and information professionals about interesting work and projects within and involving archives, special collections, and cultural heritage. Topics include appraisal and acquisition, arrangement and description, reference, outreach and education, collection management, physical and digital preservation, and infrastructure and technology.

National Archives (U.K.)

Smithsonian Institution