New Issue: Archivaria

Archivaria 86 (Fall 2018)

Looking for a Place to Happen: Collective Memory, Digital Music Archiving, and the Tragically Hip
Alan Galey

Omelettes in the Stack: Archival Fragility and the Aforeafter
Antonina Lewis

Leaving a Trail: Personal Papers and Public Archives Part One – The Donor’s Story
Betsy Hearne

Leaving a Trail: Personal Papers and Public Archives Part Two – The Archivist’s Story
Susanne Belovari

The Reconfiguration of the Archive as Data to Be Mined
Michael Moss, David Thomas, Tim Gollins

Integrated Online Access to Objects and Archives
Jinfang Niu

Book Reviews
David Thomas, Simon Fowler, and Valerie Johnson, The Silence of the Archive
Rodney G.S. Carter

Philip C. Bantin, ed., Building Trustworthy Digital Repositories: Theory and Implementation
Maxwell Otte

Exhibition Reviews
Shalom Montreal: Stories and Contributions of the Jewish Community, McCord Museum
Sarah Nantel

Carol Sawyer: The Natalie Brettschneider Archive, Vancouver Art Gallery
Alexandra Wieland

New Issue: Comma

Volume 2017, Issue 1, 2018

David Sutton


Literary archives around the world: the view from Namibia
Veno V. Kauaria David Sutton

Learning and teaching with literary archives
Heather Dean

Keeping born-digital literary and artistic archives in an imperfect world: theory, best practice and good enoughs
Sebastian Gurciullo

Outside the margins and beyond the page: complex digital literature, the new horizon for acquisition, conservation, curation and research
Catherine Hobbs Sara Viinalass-Smith

What to do with literary manuscripts? A model for manuscript studies after 1700
Wim Van Mierlo

Where are our heroes, martyrs and monuments? Archives of authors, publishers and editors from the Caribbean diaspora in London institutions
Deborah Jenkins

Literary correspondence: letters and emails in Caribbean writing
Marta Fernández Campa

Archives at risk: addressing a global concern
Jens Boel David C. Sutton

Management of archival literary sources: the Greek approach
Marietta Minotos Anna Koulikourdi

Research, re-cataloguing and acquisition policy: new developments at the Archive of the Finnish Literature Society
Katri Kivilaakso

Архивы культуры в России
Т.М. Горяева

Building on the Huntington Library’s literary foundation
Sara S. Hodson

A location list of literary archives in Brazil
Luciana Negrini David Sutton

New/Recent: Various Publications

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Software Preservation, Association for Research Libraries

Archivists as Peers in Digital Public History
Trevor Owens Jesse Johnston

Bridge2Hyku: IMLS Funded Project, Digital Collections Survey Report
By Bridge2Hyku Project Team
Todd Crocken, Santi Thompson, Anne Washington, Andrew Weidner, Annie Wu
University of Houston

Digital Processing Framework
Born Digital Archiving eXchange unconference at Stanford University in 2016

Chapter 8 “Digital Internships: Enriching Teaching and Learning With Primary Resources” in Best Practices in Teaching Digital Literacies (Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation, Volume 9)
Jenny M. Martin

Research on Cloud Storage and Security Strategy of Digital Archives,” International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2018: Intelligent Computing Methodologies
Hua-li Zhang, Fan Yang, Hua-yong Yang, Wei Jiang

Special Collection: Remaking Collections
Open Library of Humanities

A Tribal Special Library and Archives Project: Establishing the Malki Museum Special Library and Archives (thesis)
Andrea Cristina Geyer

Digital Humanities 2018, Book of Abstracts


New/Recent Books

The Monumental Challenge of Preservation: The Past in a Volatile World
Michèle Valerie Cloonan
(MIT Press, 2018)

Privacy and the Past: Research, Law, Archives, Ethics. Critical Issues in Health and Medicine 
Susan C. Lawrence
(Rutgers University Press, 2016)

The Hirschfeld Archives: Violence, Death, and Modern Queer Culture
Heike Bauer
(Temple University Press, 2017)

Reference Librarianship & Justice: History, Practice & Praxis
Editors: Kate Adler, Ian Beilin, and Eamon Tewell
(Library Juice Press, 2018)

Pushing the Margins: Women of Color and Intersectionality in LIS
Editors: Rose L. Chou and Annie Pho
(Library Juice Press, 2018)

Archival Afterlives: Life, Death, and Knowledge-Making in Early Modern British Scientific and Medical Archives
Editors: Vera Keller, Anna Marie Roos and Elizabeth Yale
(Brill, 2018)

Archival Futures
Edited by Caroline Brown
(Facet Publishing, 2018)

Digital Curation Fundamentals
Jody L. DeRidder

Decolonizing the Caribbean Record: An Archives Reader
Editors: Jeannette A. Bastian, John A. Aarons, and Stanley H. Griffin

A Companion to Public History
Editor: David Dean
(Wiley Online Library, 2018)


New/Recent Articles

Recovering tarnished 19th-century images,” College & Research Library News, Vol. 79 no. 9 (2018)
Gary Pattillo

Digital curation: the development of a discipline within information science,” Journal of Documentation, Vol. 74 Issue: 6
Sarah Higgins

Images of women in sport and physical education part 2: Building and integrating a digital exhibit site into the classroom,” Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship
Volume 30, 2018 – Issue 2
Brenda L. Meese & Julia Chance Gustafson

Personal archives and the writing of history in Brazil: a critical balance,” Brazilian Journal of History vol.38 no.78
Paulo Teixeira Iumatti, Thiago Lima Nicodemo

Informal Archives: Historical Narratives and the Preservation of Paper in India’s Urban Slums,” Studies in Comparative International Development, September 2018, Volume 53, Issue 3
Adam Michael Auerbach

Towards a Model for the Evaluation and Planning of the Development of Education for Library, Archive and Information Services,” Library and Information Research Vol 42, No 126 (2018)
Ian Martin Johnson

Special Collections: What Are They and How Do We Build Them?International Journal of Legal Information Volume 46, Issue 2 July 2018
Vanessa King

Teaching the Future of Technology in the History Classroom: A Case Study,” World Futures Review Volume: 10 issue: 4
David J. Staley

Bodies of Evidence: Understanding the Transformation of Collections from Individuals to Institutions,” Library Trends Volume 66, Number 4, Spring 2018
Liana H. Zhou

The power of agentic women and SOURCES,” Social Studies Research and Practice, Vol. 13 Issue: 2
Scott M. Waring

Lifting the Veil: Digitizing Black Archives at Tuskegee University,” The Public Historian Vol. 40 No. 3, August 2018
Dana R. Chandler

Building a Home for the Past: Archives and the Geography of American Jewish History,” American Jewish History Volume 102, Number 3, July 2018
Jason Lustig

Archiving the IAWS Journey: From Six Steel Cupboards to Oral Narratives—Organising, Digitising, Documenting,” Indian Journal of Gender Studies Volume: 25 issue: 3
Sumi Krishna

Special Issue on Archives: disClosure

disClosure: A Journal of Social History, Volume 27
(open access)

Editors’ Preface and Acknowledgements
Sophonie Bazile, Christine Woodward, and Zachary Griffith

A Word about the Cover Art
Sophonie Bazile, Christine Woodward, and Zachary Griffith

Place, Memory, and Archive: An Interview with Karen Till
Emily Kaufman and Christine Woodward

Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Archives: An Interview with Kim Christen
Leslie Davis, Zachary Griffith, and Jacob Neely

Categories as Archives: From Silence to Social Justice: An Interview with Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra
Sophonie Bazile, Juan Fernandez-Cantero, and Jess Linz

Images, Silences, and the Archival Record: An Interview with Michelle Caswell
Harrison Cole and Zachary Griffith

Three Poems
Wendy Burk, Julie Swarstad Johnson, and Sarah Kortemeier

To Un-Become: Between Historic Reminder and Hallucination, Geographical Document and Childhood Memory, Collective Tragedy and Personal Healing
Saša Rajšić

Taylor Diken

Gonna die (poem)
Wes Grooms

Jessy Randall and Briget Heidmous

The Meadow and the Archive
Kris Bronstad

Subjectivity and Methodology in the Arch‘I’ve
Elizabeth J. Vincelette

Composition and Cultural Rhetoric
Alex Hanson, Stephanie Jones, Thomas Passwater, and Noah Wilson

The Death of Professor Jones: Ghosts and Memory in a Small University Archives
Erin Dix

Queering the Archive: Transforming the Archival Process
Lizeth Zepeda

Queer Lives in Archives: Intelligibility and Forms of Memory
Gina Watts

Togetherness with the Past: Literary Pedagogy and the Digital Archive
Madeline B. Gangnes

People of the Stacks: ‘The Archivist’ Character in Fiction
Sharon Wolff

A Reckless Verisimilitude: The Archive in James Ellroy’s Fiction
Bradley J. Wiles

Book Review: Cruising the Library by Melissa Adler (2017)
Kathryn McClain and Jennifer Murray

New Issue: RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage

Vol 19, No 2 (2018)

Editor’s Note

Richard Saunders. “Editor’s Note.”

Research Articles

Cyndi Shein, Hannah E. Robinson, and Hana Gutierrez. “Agility in the Archives: Translating Agile Methods to Archival Project Management.”

Michael L. Taylor. “Special Collections Exhibitions: How They Pay Dividends for Your Library.”

Ryan Prendergast and Kristen Totleben. “Course Design, Images, and the Class-Curated Exhibit.”

Book Reviews

Amy Hildreth Chen. The Pioneer Americanists: Early Collectors, Dealers, and Bibliographers. J. Kevin Graffagnino, Terese M. Austin, Jayne Ptolemy, and Brian Leigh Dunnigan, eds

Jillian Sparks. Debbie Lee and Kathryn Newfont. The Land Speaks: New Voices at the Intersection of Oral and Environmental History.

Michelle Urberg. Digital Library Programs for Libraries and Archives by Aaron D. Purcell. Developing Digital Scholarship, Alison MacKenzie and Lindsey Martin, eds.