New Issue: Journal of Documentation

Volume 73, Issue 1


Re-conceiving time in reference and information services work: a qualitative secondary analysis
Jenny Bossaller, Christopher Sean Burns, Amy VanScoy

A knowledge management framework for effective integration of national archives resources in China
Xiaomi An, Wenlin Bai, Hepu Deng, Shuyang Sun, Wenrui Zhong, Yu Dong

Researching fractured (information) landscapes: Implications for library and information science researchers undertaking research with refugees and forced migration studies
Annemaree Lloyd

Cult of the “I”: Organizational symbolism and curricula in three Scandinavian iSchools with comparisons to three American
Koraljka Golub, Joacim Hansson, Lars Selden

Warrant as a means to study classification system design
Julia Bullard

The conceptual ecology of digital humanities
Alex H. Poole

An analytical approach to building a core ontology for food
Devika P. Madalli, Usashi Chatterjee, Biswanath Dutta

In-between strengthened accessibility and economic demands: Analysing self-service libraries from a user perspective
Lisa Engström, Johanna Rivano Eckerdal

GAFA speaks: metaphors in the promotion of cloud technology
Maria Lindh, Jan Michael Nolin

Reviews and Commentaries

About and on Behalf of Scriptum Est by Vesa Suominen
Steven Laporte

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