New Issue: Journal of Documentation

Journal of Documentation Vol. 74 Issue 1 (2018)
note: the articles listed are ones most relevant to archives and this is not the entire table of contents

“Curating the infosphere: Luciano Floridi’s Philosophy of Information as the foundation for library and information science”
David Bawden, Lyn Robinson

“The tattoo as a document”
Kristina Sundberg, Ulrika Kjellman

“Provenance description of metadata application profiles for long-term maintenance of metadata schemas”
Chunqiu Li, Shigeo Sugimoto

“Archives, libraries and museums in the Nordic model of the public sphere”
Håkon Larsen

“Toward sustainable publishing and querying of distributed Linked Data archives”
Miel Vander Sande, Ruben Verborgh, Patrick Hochstenbach, Herbert Van de Sompel


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