New Issue: Journal of Documentation

Abstracts are available; accessible by subscription or pay; see a list of databases where it is indexed and/or abstracted. Note: not all articles are archives-related, but a few may have information or techniques that can be applied; and there is an article by Alex H. Poole about digital curation.

Pictorial metaphors for information
Jenna Hartel and Reijo Savolainen

To document the undocumentable
Ulrika Kjellman

Perceived self-efficacy and interactive video retrieval
Dan Albertson and Boryung Ju

Towards global music digital libraries
Xiao Hu and Jin Ha Lee

The construct validity of the h-index
Cameron Stewart Barnes

Using the domain analytical approach in the study of information practices in biomedicine
Annikki Roos and Turid Hedlund

Nanook of the North (USA, 1922/1947/1976/1998) and film exhibition in the classical silent era
Roswitha Skare

Information in the knowledge acquisition process
Boris Bosancic

The conceptual landscape of digital curation
Alex H. Poole

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