New Issue: Archivaria

Archivaria 84 (Fall 2017)

Catalogues and the Collecting and Ordering of Knowledge (II): Debates about Cataloguing Practices in the British Museum and the Forebears of the Public Record Office of Great Britain, ca. 1750–1850
Heather MacNeil

Everything Old Is New Again: The Evolution of Generic Appraisal at Library and Archives Canada
Rebecca Giesbrecht and Jenna Murdock Smith

Beyond Clicks, Likes, and Downloads: Identifying Meaningful Impacts for Digitized Ethnographic Archives
Ricardo L. Punzalan, Diana E. Marsh, and Kyla Cools

Meaning-Making and Memory-Making in the Archives: Oral History Interviews with Archives Donors
Carmen Ruschiensky

Study in Documents From Meteorological Registers to Climate Data: Information Gathering in the Early Years of the Meteorological Service of Canada
Tom Belton

Notes and Communications
He Tohu
Lillie le Dorré

Book Reviews
Heather MacNeil and Terry Eastwood, eds., Currents of Archival Thinking, 2nd ed. (Jonathan Dorey)

Katherine Biber and Trish Luker, eds., Evidence and the Archive: Ethics, Aesthetics and Emotion (Steven Maynard)

Anne J. Gilliland, Sue McKemmish, and Andrew J. Lau, eds., Research in the Archival Multiverse (Rebecka T. Sheffield)

Sonja Luehrmann, Religion in Secular Archives: Soviet Atheism and Historical Knowledge (Alexandra Wieland)

Exhibition Reviews
Arresting Images: Mug Shots from the OPP Museum. Peterborough Museum & Archives (Jodi Aoki)

Free Black North. Art Gallery of Ontario (Rachel Lobo)

Hank Bull: Connexion. Burnaby Art Gallery (Shyla Seller)

Archivaria Awards 

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