Archivaria Awards

The Association of Canadian Archivists has established the following three
awards to recognize excellent writing in Archivaria: the W. Kaye Lamb Prize,
the Hugh A. Taylor Prize, and the Gordon Dodds Prize.
Winners receive a certificate, a cash prize, formal notification in Archivaria,
and ongoing listing on the ACA website ( A description of
the adjudication procedures for these awards may also be found there.

Read the full article.

W. Kaye Lamb Prize (established 1983)
J.J. Ghaddar for her article, “The Spectre in the Archive: Truth, Reconciliation, and Indigenous Archival Memory,” in Archivaria 82 (Fall 2016).

Hugh A. Taylor Prize (established 2006)
Naomi Norquay for her article, “An Accidental Archive of the Old Durham Road: Reclaiming a Black Pioneer Settlement,” which appeared in Archivaria 81 (Spring 2016).

Gordon Dodds Prize (established 2011)
Alyssa Hamer for her paper “Ethics of Archival Practice: New Considerations in the Digital Age.”

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