New Issue: International Journal of Digital Curation

International Journal of Digital Curation Volume 12 No. 2 (2017)
(open access)

Building Tools to Support Active Curation: Lessons Learned from SEAD
Dharma Akmon, Margaret Hedstrom, James D. Myers, Anna Ovchinnikova, Inna Kouper

Reuse for Research: Curating Astrophysical Datasets for Future Researchers
Anders Sparre Conrad, Rasmus Handberg, Michael Svendsen

When Scientists Become Social Scientists: How Citizen Science Projects Learn About Volunteers
Peter Darch

Introducing safe access to sensitive data at the University of Bristol
Debra Hiom, Stephen Gray, Damian Steer, Kirsty Merrett, Kellie Snow, Zosia Beckles

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Data Management Training: DataONE’s Survey Instrument
Chung-Yi Hou, Heather Soyka, Vivian Hutchison, Isis Sema, Chris Allen, Amber Budden

Encouraging and Facilitating Laboratory Scientists to Curate at Source
Cerys Willoughby, Jeremy Frey

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