Call for Participation: Digitization + AI for Archives and Documentary Heritage Materials – Survey

You are invited to participate in an English-language survey aiming to measure the current scope of digitization projects and programs across institutions. Thank you for taking the time to consider participating in the survey.

We are a team of researchers from archival, librarianship, and information management backgrounds investigating the intersection of digitization and artificial intelligence (AI). This research is part of the study Model for AI-assisted Digitization of Archives and Documentary Heritage Materials, part of the multi-national, interdisciplinary project InterPARES Trust AI (2021–2026).  ITrustAI aims to design, develop, and leverage AI to support the ongoing availability and accessibility of trustworthy public records. 

Our target audience for this survey are professionals in any role or position (including consultants) working in institutions with archival and documentary heritage holdings or collections. No prior experience with artificial intelligence or digitization is needed to participate in the survey

Our main goals are:

1) To understand the current state of digitization within organizations;

2) To understand whether or not organizations are using artificial intelligence in digitization projects, and if so, in what ways;

3) To understand the drivers and barriers, challenges and opportunities for organizations in relation to both digitization and AI.

This questionnaire consists of 50 questions and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your responses can be saved if you cannot complete the survey in one sitting. All responses will be de-identified and analyzed in aggregate form.

Through the study, we aim to encourage sustainable digitization projects for access and long term preservation of archives and documentary heritage materials; investigate the impact of digitization efforts on the broader archival and documentary heritage landscape; and learn from organizations that are using AIin their digitization-related activities. Anonymized survey results and other findings from the study will be shared. Your responses are very appreciated.

To participate, please submit your answers by May 1st, 2023. For questions or comments, please contact:

Link to the survey: Survey on Digitization and AI

Thank you for your time and participation!


Model for AI-Assisted Digitization study team:

Eng Sengsavang, UNESCO Archives (study lead)

Hrvoje Stancic, University of Zagreb

Marta Riess, International Atomic Energy Agency

Adam Jansen, Hawaii State Archives

Shadreck Bayane, University of South Africa

Marina de Souza, University of British Columbia (GAA)

Kailey Fukushima, University of British Columbia (GAA)

Zeljko Trubusic, University of Zagreb (GAA)

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