New Issue: Archeota

Archeota, Vol. 6 no. 1, Spring/Summer 2020
(open access)

Unfiltered History: Pride and prejudice at Godman Air Field June 1945
Kelli Roisman

Untold Stories Get Told: The Importance of Archivists in Diversifying History
Alyssa Key

Reinventing the Wheel: An Archeologist Digs for Metadata
Erin Estrup

Introducing Melissa Ward: Digital Archivist at Blizzard Entertainment
Danielle Dantema

So, You Digitized Your Collection, Now What? The Subtle Craft of Digital Preservation
Terry Schiavone

Conquering the Backlog: Special Collections and Archives’ Backlog Elimination Project at UNLV
Angela Moor

Francis Parker School Archive: 100 Years of History and Pride
Dakota Greenwich

Archiving in Times of Crisis: Archivists Respond to COVID-19
Marissa Friedman

Our staff Recommendations for Summer Reading

Introducing our 2020/2021 Team SJSU Student Chapter of the Society for American Archivists

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