New Research and Education Special Interest Group, Australian Society of Archivists

10 Aug 2020

ASA Council has approved the formation of a new Research and Education Special Interest Group, or REDSIG.

Many researchers and educators in fields such as archives, archival science, records management, digital preservation, conservation, and related disciplines (referred to here as ‘archival research and education’) work in the university, training, and consultancy sectors, as well as in dedicated archival institutions. Though these members of the ASA and their colleagues have many shared issues and concerns (e.g. accreditation, changing university fee structures, student access, proposed changes to research funding models, the need to develop links between theory and practice) their interests are not currently represented by an existing ASA SIG.

The draft objectives of REDSIG are as follows:

  1. To develop Australia’s research capacity and capability with regard to archives, archival science, records management, and digital preservation, and promote the rich legacy of Australian archival research and archival theory.
  2. To advocate on behalf of researchers and educators to government, educational institutions, unions, employers, and the Society with regard to issues which affect archival research and education in Australia.
  3. To foster relationships and collaborations which create and invigorate connections between archival theory and practice in Australia.
  4. To assist with the diversification of Australia’s archival profession, through the pursuit of equity of access to archival education and improved diversity and representativeness in research.
  5. To advise the Society on matters related to research and education, including accreditation standards and advocacy issues.
  6. To provide opportunities for researchers and educators to discuss matters of mutual concern and to study the problems and needs of Australian archival researchers and educators, including publishing or otherwise promulgating the results of such studies.
  7. To provide a local organisational structure through which to develop further engagement with international groups such as the Archival Education and Research Initiative (AERI) and the International Council on Archives Section for Archival Education and Training (ICA-SAE).

The rules of the SIG, including these objectives, will be confirmed at an inaugural REDSIG AGM in September, at which time a Convenor and Secretary will also be elected. In the meantime, Dr Mike Jones will act in these roles for the purposes of setting up the AGM and corresponding with prospective members.

To join the REDSIG:

  • go to My Memberships in the Member Centre
  • select the Update Details tab
  • select REDSIG from the list of available Special Interest Groups.

If you have any questions regarding the new group please contact Mike via email here.

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