Call for Proposals for The Handbook of Archival Practice

This is your opportunity to contribute to the development of an indispensable guide designed to meet the demands of records and archival professionals increasingly tasked with responsibility for hybrid materials: The Handbook of Archival Practice.

This work—written by experienced practitioners for current and aspiring practitioners—will cover all aspects of contemporary archival practice from records creation control through long-term preservation. Relevant archives- and records-related practices such as digital signatures, social media archiving, content management systems, and cybersecurity measures will be included.

This is NOT a dictionary, glossary, nor encyclopedia. It is a Handbook divided into ten sections—each with multiple topics not only describing activities (such as appraisal, digitization, reference services) but also providing examples of how they are or might be applied in the workplace. Checklists, images, graphics, and other materials are solicited and will be considered for inclusion. The institution at which the practices took place may remain anonymous if desired.

A website, The Handbook of Archival Practice, at provides additional information about the project, the editor, the distinguished members of the advisory board, and the proposal submission process (with a link to the proposal submission form).

The Survey Monkey submission form is now open to accept your proposals at It will remain open throughout the project, which will be submitted to the editor by January 31, 2021.  Successful proposals will be accepted as received and approved for inclusion.  Those who submit early have the best chance of being accepted to write about the topic of their choice.

The editorial advisory board will assist in reviewing the proposals, but the final decisions remain with the editor.

As a thank you, each contributor, regardless of the length or number of entries, will be provided by the publisher, Rowman & Littlefield, with one hard copy of the finished publication, as well as the opportunity to purchase additional copies at 50% off. Each contributor will also be credited in the Handbook.

Questions should be directed to the editor, Dr. Patricia C. Franks, at






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