Call for Papers – Journal Open Access No. 9 (Jan-June 2018) – Dossier “threatened Heritage”

Please note: this is a Google translated message.


It is a popular saying that Brazil is a country without memory. Although we can criticize this famous maxim, the fact is that the country is full of endangered cultural assets, a patrimony that risks being lost forever. Whether due to lack of money, interest of the authorities or lack of knowledge of the population, several assets that make up the Brazilian cultural heritage are at high risk of loss of equity value. In various parts of Brazil, archival documents, books, buildings, public spaces, museum collections, practices, knowledge, languages ​​are in a state of deterioration or in danger of disappearing. Not to mention other parts of the world, where fragile state structures or wars endanger a priceless heritage for all mankind. To open a debate on this very important issue,

Papers will be received that contemplate a wide range of discussions about assets threatened, both empirically and theoretically, the risks to material and non-material assets, the treatment given to the issue in Brazil and in other countries, actions of multilateral institutions, as well as successful examples of reconstruction, revitalization or recovery. Also will be received free articles, translations, interviews and reviews. The submission deadline is April 13, 2018.

Submissions should be sent to the e-mail

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