New Calls and Content: Newsletters

Archival History News

The official newsletter of the Archival History Section of the Society of American Archivists, Archival History News has released its first posts during Archives Month! Featuring excellent writing and the most up-to-date information, Archival History News communicates the value of archival history to a broad public, through the publication of ongoing research, biographical notes, book reviews, and announcements. In its inaugural posts, Archival History News reflects on SAA annual meeting (held this past July in Portland), the first incarnation of theArchival History Roundtable’s Newsletter, and the 90 year anniversary of Norfolk Public Library’s Special Collections.
Consider submitting your piece to Archival History News! The newsletter’s scope is flexible and first-time submitters are always welcome.

Send contributions to Find out more about publishing guidelines and other details at:


Read the September 2017 issue of CARBICA News.

Society of California Archivists Newsletter
The SCA newsletter is seeking articles and notices about your activities and accomplishments for the Winter issue.

Please review all submission guidelines online:


NEA Newsletter

Attention archivists, students, and repositories in the New England area:

The NEA Newsletter is currently seeking articles about your activities and accomplishments for the January 2018 issue of the NEA Newsletter. The Newsletter relies entirely on entries from members, so please share your news with the archives community; we love to know what everyone is up to!

Past entries have included announcements about newly processed collections, new acquisitions, renovations and expansions, grants received, project updates, exhibit openings, student activities, photographs from collections, and internship opportunities. However, anything of interest to the archives community is welcome!

You can also add an item to our calendar of upcoming events (events, workshops, meetings, conferences, symposia, etc).

Please limit your news item to around 150 words, or your calendar entry to around 25 words, and be sure to include your repository name, location, and a phone number or email address at the end of the piece.

We appreciate the time and thought you put into your writing, and thank you for adding your voice!

Send submissions by 11/15/17 to:

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