New/Recent Scholarship: Various Publications

A collaborative web platform for sound archives management and analysis” Web Audio Conference WAC-2017
Thomas Fillon and Guillaume Pellerin

Becoming a Co-archivist. ReDoing Archival Practices for Democratising the Access to and Participation in Archives
Elisabet M. Nilssona and Sofie Marie Ottsen Hansenb

NASA’s Long-Term Astrophysics Data Archives
L. Rebull, V. Desai, H. Teplitz, S. Groom, R. Akeson, G. B. Berriman, G. Helou, D. Imel, J. M. Mazzarella, A. Accomazzi, T. McGlynn, A. Smale, and R. White

NDP at Three Report
Institute of Museum and Library Services

‘Civil disobedience’ in the Archive: Documenting women’s activism and experience through the Sheffield Feminist Archive
Sadler, R. and Cox, A.M

ETH Zurich’s Collections and Archives: Scientific Heritage for Future Research
Habel, Thilo; Wiederkehr, Stefan

Bridging Fan Communities and Facilitating Access to Music Archives through Semantic Audio Applications” Audio Engineering Society E-Library
Wilmering, Thomas; Thalmann, Florian; Fazekas, György; Sandler, Mark B.

Staffing for Effective Digital Preservation 2017: An NDSA Report
Contributors: Winston Atkins, Carol Kussmann, Katherine Kim

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