New Issue: Records Management Journal

Records Management Journal, Volume 27 Issue 2

Practice theory: a new approach for archival and recordkeeping research
Asen Ognyanov Ivanov

Towards interoperable recordkeeping systems: A meta-model for recordkeeping metadata
Gregory Rolan

The challenges presented to records management by open government data in the public sector in England: A case study
Katherine Mary Chorley

Recordkeeping and research data management: a review of perspectives
Rebecca Grant

Exploring digital preservation requirements: A case study from the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC)
Jaana Pinnick

Metadata and video games emulation: an effective bond to achieve authentic preservation?
Giovanni Carta

Recruitment of records management practitioners in Jamaica’s public sector and its implications for professional practice
Kaydene Duffus

Methods, methodology and madness: Digital records management in the Australian government
Katharine Stuart

Guest editorial
Fiorella Foscarini , Donald C. Force

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