Call for Articles: Emerging History Professional Takeover of History News Magazine

Call for Articles: Emerging History Professional Takeover of History News Magazine

Emerging History Professionals are taking over the Winter 2018 issue of AASLH’s History News magazine! The issue will be guest co-edited by emerging history professionals Hope Shannon and Hannah Hethmon. Features and articles will all focus on Emerging History Professionals and reflect their insights and opinions about the field.

Anyone in the early stages of a public history career, broadly defined, is an Emerging History Professional. This includes graduate and undergraduate students, hobbyists, early-career professionals, and any other AASLH members who identify as belonging to this community.

History News exists to foster publication, scholarly research, and an open forum for discussion of best practices, applicable theories, and professional experiences pertinent to the field of state and local history. History News is a quarterly membership publication of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), a nonprofit educational membership organization providing leadership, service, and support for its members who preserve and interpret state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful in American society.

The editors are seeking submission of article abstracts. Proposed articles must:

  • Be relevant to the theme of Emerging History Professionals. Articles by emerging professionals will be given priority over those with more time in the field.
  • Not have previously been published elsewhere.
  • Be 2,500-3,000 words in length and properly footnoted and cited in Chicago/Turabian style.

Instructions and Deadlines:

The deadline for submitting abstracts is August 15, 2017.

Authors of accepted articles will be notified by the first week of September 2017. They will then have until November 1 to submit a final edited and reviewed version of their article. At that time, the article must be fit for print.

Along with the abstract (500 words max), submission must include:

  • A brief paragraph explaining how the article is relevant to the early history career/emerging history professional issues and AASLH’s mission (200 words max)
  • A brief biographical statement (100 words max)

Questions about topics and submission guidelines should be directed to Hope Shannon (hopejshannon@gmail.comand Hannah Hethmon (

Ideas for Topics

Here are some suggested topics to consider when developing your abstract. These are merely suggestions, and other topics that fit the theme are welcomed.

  • Thought pieces about current issues in the history and/or museum field
    • Attracting new audiences
    • Engaging millennials in historic places
    • The role of social justice in state and local history
    • Pushing the boundaries of history and museum work, whether it be where and how we do this work, the topics we address, or the people we work with
    • Advocacy and history relevance, especially in light of potential cuts to essential federal funding
  • Professional development tips, advice, concerns
    • Publishing as a practitioner
    • Personal branding and marketing yourself, networking
    • Practical training outside of the academy
    • Self-care: avoiding burnout
  • Issues, concerns, and interests related to employment
    • Gender/racial inequality in pay, general hierarchy issues in the history field
    • The challenges (and benefits) of being a millennial in a field still run (at least at the top) predominantly by the “baby boomer” generation
    • Intergenerational conflict: working with different generations of workers
    • Negotiating salary and employment-related benefits­
    • Tips/tricks for resumes and cover letters
    • Internships and the question of unpaid labor
    • Balancing political affiliations and interests as representatives of institutions

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