New Journal: Journal of New Librarianship

I’m momentarily breaking from this blog’s focus on archives publishing to share this CFP. Their description is pretty general, which I interpret as they are open to ideas. So who’s to say some of those ideas can’t be about archives? As many of us also have librarian duties, this journal may be a new opportunity to show that connection. Plus, it’s open access. They are also looking for editors and reviewers.

Call For Submissions: Journal of New Librarianship

May 11, 2016

The Journal of New Librarianship is pleased to announce that it is accepting submissions for its inaugural issue, anticipated for Fall 2016. Submissions may include, but are not limited to: Solicited articles; Scholarly Articles; Essays; Experience and opinion pieces; Media (i.e., podcasts, video, etc) relevant to innovative practices in librarianship; Book reviews; Technology reviews; Letters to the Editor on topics relevant to the field; Data sets; Manifestos; Extended scholarship (Greater than 15,000 words); and Interviews. Non-English content is welcome. Translation assistance is available for accepted works.

Authors must submit an abstract for all submissions. Authors must submit a cover letter. This should be uploaded as the “Supporting File” when submitted via Scholastica. The cover letter should include the origin of the project, whether it has been presented and if so where, and affirmation of its originality, veracity, and the author’s right to include all submitted material, data, and media. If the submission has been published or showcased publicly in any other manner (a blog post, as an uploaded YouTube video, etc) please include links to these as well as any notes about the circumstances and reception of the content. The cover letter should inform the editors of any time-related issues that should be considered. If material needs to be published that week to remain relevant, let us know. If it would be more relevant if published during a particular conference, let us know. We publish everything on a rolling basis, but hope to have all content be as timely as possible.

When submitting via Scholastica, authors will be asked to list potential reviewers who they deem to be appropriate, as well as any the editorial board should avoid. If the latter field is populated, please tell us in the cover letter (in broad strokes) why this is the case. The manuscript should be submitted in docx format only. For submissions which are not text-based, authors should submit an accompanying text document in the manuscript submission section of Scholastica, separate from the cover letter, which presents a textual presentation of the submission for the readership – something more detailed than your abstract, but not so much that it takes focus away from the primary submission.

Accompanying media of any kind should be submitted as separate files, which includes tables and images. The author is responsible for securing any rights required for the republication of any included media and for providing appropriate citations and/or rights statements. Media submissions may be submitted in two ways. If possible, please upload the media file to Scholastica via the “Supporting File” section. If the file is too large or the tool is otherwise not working, please email to make alternative arrangements.

Submissions may be published elsewhere at the author’s discretion. If they appear
elsewhere before they are submitted or during the publishing process, we ask that the author inform the editors. This will not impact the review process in any way. We just want to make sure we promote the work and give credit to wherever it might appear first as appropriate.

Recordings of interviews and conversations are welcome, and should be submitted with a verified transcript. All media in which someone other than the author is audible or visible must be submitted with appropriate release forms, or other documented evidence of the participants’ willingness to be involved.

Textual submissions should conform to APA 6th edition format wherever applicable.

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