Provenance: SNAP Special Issue

I’m pleased to share that the online SNAP Special Issue of Provenance is now available:

In the nearly four years I’ve been Provenance Editor, I’ve had many conversations with authors and potential authors about the different facets of journal publishing. I contacted SAA’s SNAP (Students and New Archives Professionals) Roundtable, and they were enthusiastic about this opportunity. As students and new professionals learn the profession, they are exposed to numerous books and other literature. The publishing process can be daunting, and engaging new authors helps demystify the submission, peer-review, and editorial processes.

SNAP members participated in the submission and editing process from start to finish. This was an opportunity for SNAP members to be responsible for the content of an entire issue, including soliciting articles, being the peer-reviewers, and editing. I provided guidance and direction to the editors, Jennifer Welch coordinated with the guest Reviews Editor, and Erin Lawrimore served as Managing Editor, but the issue represents the voices of students and new professionals. Caitlin Wells and Roxanne Dunn did an excellent job as guest Editors. They worked extensively with authors, made decisions, and asked questions.

It was my pleasure to work with SNAP on this issue. I hope that this experience encourages these new authors and editors to continue to contribute to archival scholarship for years to come.

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