New Issue: International Journal on Digital Libraries

Volume 19, Issue 1, March 2018

Guest editors’ introduction to the special issue on web archiving
Edward A. Fox, Martin Klein, Zhiwu Xie

Focused crawler for events
Mohamed M. G. Farag, Sunshin Lee…

API-based social media collecting as a form of web archiving
Justin Littman, Daniel Chudnov…

ArchiveWeb: collaboratively extending and exploring web archive collections—How would you like to work with your collections?
Zeon Trevor Fernando, Ivana Marenzi…

Quantifying retrieval bias in Web archive search
Thaer Samar, Myriam C. Traub…

Avoiding spoilers: wiki time travel with Sheldon Cooper
Shawn M. Jones, Michael L. Nelson…

The colors of the national Web: visual data analysis of the historical Yugoslav Web domain
Anat Ben-David, Adam Amram, Ron Bekkerman