Call for Papers: Indigenous Librarianship (Library Trends Journal)

We are looking for a contributor or a collaboration of contributors to submit an article for a special issue of the Library Trends journal focused on Indigenous Librarianship. 

We are most interested in a contribution focusing on Indigenous cultural institutions of North America, histories, issues and problems, functions and significance tribal libraries and archives, but we are open to other topics. Examples include discussions on: protection of Indigenous ways of knowledge and/or communities’ way of life; language revitalization; land and resource management; and protection of sensitive information such as intellectual Indigenous property rights.

Library Trends is one of the leading library journals in North America.  It is published quarterly by the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Contact Info: 

Please contact co-editors, Ulia Gosart and Rachel Fu with a proposal of 350 words or less by February 20 (the latest, we have strict deadlines and will consider submissions on the first sent basis), at:

Contact Email:

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