New Publications

Museum Management: Opportunities and Threats for Successful Museums (Arts, Research, Innovation and Society).
Milan Jan. Půček, František. Ochrana, Michal. Plaček
Springer, 2022

Technology and the Historian: Transformations in the Digital Age
Crymble, A.
Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2021

Copyright and Streaming Audiovisual Content in the US Context
Danielle Cooper and Katherine Klosek
Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and Ithaka S+R, 2023

Scoping Skills and Developing Training Programme for Managing Repository Services in Cultural Heritage Organisations
Holt, Ilkay; Miles, Susan; Marples, Alice; Kaur, Kirrn; Cope, Jez
British Library, 2022

Bernasconi, E., Ceriani, M., Mecella, M. et al. Design, realization, and user evaluation of the ARCA system for exploring a digital library. Int J Digit Libr (2022).

Copyright and Streaming Audiovisual Content in the US Context
Danielle Miriam Cooper, Katherine Klosek
ITHAKA S+R, 2023

A*CENSUS II: Archives Administrators Survey
Makala Skinner
ITHAKA S+R, 2023

The Digital Decisive Moment: Transformative Digitization Practices
Margot Note
Lucidea, 2023

Libraries, Archives, and Museums in Transition: Changes, Challenges, and Convergence in a Scandinavian Perspective
Edited By Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen, Kerstin Rydbeck, Håkon Larsen
Routledge, 2023

Amanda Furiasse, “Sailing on Encrypted Seas: The Archive and Digital Memory in African and Diasporic Futurism,” Journal of Cultural Analytics Vol. 7, Issue 4, 2022.

Library Impact Research Report: A Toolkit for Demonstrating and Measuring Impact of Primary Sources in Teaching and Learning
Clare Withers, Diana Dill, Jeanann Haas, Kathy Haines, and Berenika Webster.
Association of College and Research Libraries, 2022

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