What do you want to know about archives writing and publishing?

When I first started this blog in 2015, one of my goals was to write about writing and publishing. That largely went by the wayside while I wrote a book. Now that my book is complete, I’ve been thinking more about what you, as authors, readers, editors, have interest in learning more about.

I have several ideas of what I could write about, but it’s more important to me to hear your questions and interests, what is most relevant to you that can help you with writing and publishing. So please share your ideas in the comments or if you prefer to remain anonymous, use this form.

This will go beyond a question/answer, I want it to be participatory. There are few forums available for archivists to discuss writing and publishing with each other, and I’d like this blog to be a place to connect, share experiences, and contribute. So submit questions, topics, ideas, etc. and let’s get talking!

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