New Issue: Journal of Archival Organization

Journal of Archival Organization, Vol. 16 no. 1 2019

Shifting the Model: Pre-Donation Processing of the New York Foundation for the Arts Records
Weatherly A. Stephan & Nicholas J. Martin

Bridging the Digital and Physical: Increasing Engagement with the Grateful Dead Archive at UC Santa Cruz
Alix Norton, Kristina Golubiewski-Davis, Ann Hubble & Reed Scriven

Stakeholder Interviews and University Collections: An Exploratory Methodology
Kristen Iemma, Maddie Mott, Julia Renaud & Nicole Sintetos

Successful Management of an Outsourced Large-Scale Digitization Newspaper Project
Tips for Effective Collaboration, Increased Productivity, and Outstanding Deliverables
Marina Georgieva

Blockchain Is Already Here. What Does That Mean for Records Management and Archives?
Sharmila Bhatia & A. D. Wright de Hernandez

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