New Issue: Records Management Journal

Records Management Journal, Volume 29 Issue 1/2

Guest editorial
Elizabeth Lomas, Basma Makhlouf Shabou, Arina Grazhenskaya

Perspectives on the relationship between records management and information governance
Julie Brooks

The influence of organizational culture on information governance effectiveness
Ali Daneshmandnia

The defensible deletion of government email
James Lappin, Tom Jackson, Graham Matthews, Ejovwoke Onojeharho

A must for agencies or a candidate for deletion: A grounded theory investigation of the relationships between records management and information security
Sherry Li Xie

Theory, regulation and practice in Swedish digital records appraisal
Elisabeth Klett

An integrated framework to elevate information governance to a national level in South Africa
Paul Anthony Mullon, Mpho Ngoepe

Leadership and political will for implementation of the access to information (ATI) Act (2016) in Kenya
Victor Kabata, Francis Garaba

The impact of new public management through outsourcing on the management of government information: The case of Sweden
Proscovia Svärd

Open government data: critical information management perspectives
Elizabeth Shepherd, Jenny Bunn, Andrew Flinn, Elizabeth Lomas, Anna Sexton, Sara Brimble, Katherine Chorley, Emma Harrison, James Lowry, Jessica Page

The role of information governance in e-discovery – the case of China
Guanyan Fan

Participatory information governance: Transforming recordkeeping for childhood out-of-home Care
Joanne Evans, Sue McKemmish, Gregory Rolan

Balancing information governance obligations when accessing social care data for collaborative research
Malkiat Thiarai, Sarunkorn Chotvijit, Stephen Jarvis

The role of archives and records management legislation after colonialism in Africa: Case of Southern Africa
Nkholedzeni Sidney Netshakhuma

The inevitability of digital transfer: How prepared are UK public bodies for the transfer of born-digital records to the archives?
Lale Özdemir

“The margin between the edge of the world and infinite possibility”: Blockchain, GDPR and information governance
Darra Hofman, Victoria Louise Lemieux, Alysha Joo, Danielle Alves Batista

The monistic diversity of continuum informatics: A method for analysing the relationships between recordkeeping informatics, ethics and information governance
Frank Upward

Situating trust challenges of online trade
Tove Engvall

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