New/Recent Articles

Recovering tarnished 19th-century images,” College & Research Library News, Vol. 79 no. 9 (2018)
Gary Pattillo

Digital curation: the development of a discipline within information science,” Journal of Documentation, Vol. 74 Issue: 6
Sarah Higgins

Images of women in sport and physical education part 2: Building and integrating a digital exhibit site into the classroom,” Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship
Volume 30, 2018 – Issue 2
Brenda L. Meese & Julia Chance Gustafson

Personal archives and the writing of history in Brazil: a critical balance,” Brazilian Journal of History vol.38 no.78
Paulo Teixeira Iumatti, Thiago Lima Nicodemo

Informal Archives: Historical Narratives and the Preservation of Paper in India’s Urban Slums,” Studies in Comparative International Development, September 2018, Volume 53, Issue 3
Adam Michael Auerbach

Towards a Model for the Evaluation and Planning of the Development of Education for Library, Archive and Information Services,” Library and Information Research Vol 42, No 126 (2018)
Ian Martin Johnson

Special Collections: What Are They and How Do We Build Them?International Journal of Legal Information Volume 46, Issue 2 July 2018
Vanessa King

Teaching the Future of Technology in the History Classroom: A Case Study,” World Futures Review Volume: 10 issue: 4
David J. Staley

Bodies of Evidence: Understanding the Transformation of Collections from Individuals to Institutions,” Library Trends Volume 66, Number 4, Spring 2018
Liana H. Zhou

The power of agentic women and SOURCES,” Social Studies Research and Practice, Vol. 13 Issue: 2
Scott M. Waring

Lifting the Veil: Digitizing Black Archives at Tuskegee University,” The Public Historian Vol. 40 No. 3, August 2018
Dana R. Chandler

Building a Home for the Past: Archives and the Geography of American Jewish History,” American Jewish History Volume 102, Number 3, July 2018
Jason Lustig

Archiving the IAWS Journey: From Six Steel Cupboards to Oral Narratives—Organising, Digitising, Documenting,” Indian Journal of Gender Studies Volume: 25 issue: 3
Sumi Krishna

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