Special Issue on Archives: disClosure

disClosure: A Journal of Social History, Volume 27
(open access)

Editors’ Preface and Acknowledgements
Sophonie Bazile, Christine Woodward, and Zachary Griffith

A Word about the Cover Art
Sophonie Bazile, Christine Woodward, and Zachary Griffith

Place, Memory, and Archive: An Interview with Karen Till
Emily Kaufman and Christine Woodward

Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Archives: An Interview with Kim Christen
Leslie Davis, Zachary Griffith, and Jacob Neely

Categories as Archives: From Silence to Social Justice: An Interview with Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra
Sophonie Bazile, Juan Fernandez-Cantero, and Jess Linz

Images, Silences, and the Archival Record: An Interview with Michelle Caswell
Harrison Cole and Zachary Griffith

Three Poems
Wendy Burk, Julie Swarstad Johnson, and Sarah Kortemeier

To Un-Become: Between Historic Reminder and Hallucination, Geographical Document and Childhood Memory, Collective Tragedy and Personal Healing
Saša Rajšić

Taylor Diken

Gonna die (poem)
Wes Grooms

Jessy Randall and Briget Heidmous

The Meadow and the Archive
Kris Bronstad

Subjectivity and Methodology in the Arch‘I’ve
Elizabeth J. Vincelette

Composition and Cultural Rhetoric
Alex Hanson, Stephanie Jones, Thomas Passwater, and Noah Wilson

The Death of Professor Jones: Ghosts and Memory in a Small University Archives
Erin Dix

Queering the Archive: Transforming the Archival Process
Lizeth Zepeda

Queer Lives in Archives: Intelligibility and Forms of Memory
Gina Watts

Togetherness with the Past: Literary Pedagogy and the Digital Archive
Madeline B. Gangnes

People of the Stacks: ‘The Archivist’ Character in Fiction
Sharon Wolff

A Reckless Verisimilitude: The Archive in James Ellroy’s Fiction
Bradley J. Wiles

Book Review: Cruising the Library by Melissa Adler (2017)
Kathryn McClain and Jennifer Murray

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