New SAA Book: Appraisal and Acquisition Strategies

Edited by Michael J Shallcross & Christopher J. Prom; featuring modules by Megan Barnard , Erin E Faulder , Geoffrey A. Huth  and Gabriela Redwine

Appraisal and Acquisition Strategies is another installment in the series Trends in Archives Practice and consists of the following three modules:

  • Module 14: Appraising Digital Records
    by Geof Huth

    Provides practical tools and resources for conducting and documenting an appraisal of digital records.
  • Module 15: Collecting Digital Manuscripts and Archives
    by Megan Barnard and Gabriela Redwine

    Demonstrates how to integrate digital archives and manuscripts into collection development policies and strategies, build strong relationships with creators and colleagues, appraise born-digital materials prior to an acquisition, and prepare for the challenges of collecting digital manuscripts and archives.
  • Module 15: Accessioning Digital Archives
    by Erin Faulder

    Presents digital preservation best practices and standards for developing policies, procedures, and infrastructure to accession born-digital materials.

As Michael Shallcross of the Bentley Historical Library notes in the introduction, “an essential point in each module is the continuity of practice between the acquisition of traditional materials and digital content. The differences lie in the skills, knowledge, and tools required to identify potential preservation and access issues.” These modules cover that and more.

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