Recent Issue: The Australian Library Journal

This title isn’t on the journal list I maintain, but they recently had a special issue titled: The Library–Archive Confluence: The eScholarship Research Centre, University of Melbourne.

From Ross Harvey’s introduction: “This theme issue of the Australian Library Journal has the title The LibraryArchive Confluence: The eScholarship Research Centre, University of Melbourne. I have long held the view that librarians have much to learn from archival theory and practice – a view that holds greater currency as both segments of the information profession strive to develop new ways of working to manage digital materials. Consequently, I am delighted that the nine articles in this issue explore archival practice as exemplified in the activities of the eScholarship Research Centre (ESRC) at the University of Melbourne. The ESRC is unusual in that it is a research centre embedded in a library and, as such, its activities will command the interest of the Journal’s primary readership.”

Ross Harvey


The eScholarship Research Centre: working with knowledge in the twenty-first century
Gavin McCarthy, Helen Morgan, Elizabeth Daniels

Better together: the ESRC in the university research library of the twenty-first century
Teresa Chitty, Donna McRostie

The Australian Womens Register and the case of the missing apostrophe; or, how we learnt to stop worrying and love librarians
Nikki Henningham, Helen Morgan

Forgotten Australians in the library: resources relating to Care Leavers in Australian libraries
Cate O’Neill

The Encyclopedia of Australian Science: a virtual meeting of archives and libraries
Ailie Smith, Gavan McCarthy

Managing and mapping the history of collecting indigenous human remains
Paul Turnbull

Documenting things: bringing archival thinking to interdisciplinary collaborations
Michael Jones

Pathways, parallels and pitfalls: the Scholarly Web, the ESRC and Linked Open Data
Antonia Lewis, Peter Neish


Selected publications of the Australian Science Archives Project, Austehc and the ESRC (The University of Melbourne) 1985–2015
Gavan McCarthy, Elizabeth Daniels

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