Recent Issue: IASA Journal

IASA Journal No 46, May 2016
International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives

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  1. Editorial and President’s Letter
  2. IASA’s Travel Award Program
    Bertram Lyons, IASA Editor, USA
  3. Legacy Collections, their Value and their Accessibility
    Grace Koch, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
  4. Unearthing the Underground, Databasing the Avant-Garde, and Mapping the Independent Media Community
    Lindsay Kistler Mattock, The University of Iowa, USA
    Kara Wentworth, The University of Iowa, USA
  5. Too Good to be Forgotten: The Copyright Dichotomy and the Public-Sector Audiovisual Archive
    Claudy Op den Kamp, Swinburne Law School, Australia
  6. Securing Audio Transfer
    Sebastian Gabler, NOA Audio Solutions, Austria
  7. Quality Management for Preservation of Analogue and Digital Video Tape
    Sebastian Gabler, NOA GmbH, Austria
  8. Ghosts on the Wire
    Leslie McCartney, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
  9. Journey of Big Bertha Webster
    JA Pryse, Oklahoma Historical Society, USA
  10. IASA Research Grant Report: A Study on the Changing Prices of Audiovisual Digitization, 2006–2015
    Rebecca Chandler, AVPreserve, USA

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