SAA Publishing Adopts Permalink

Catching up on my reading today,  I read Chris Prom and Anthony Cocciolo’s article in Archival OutlookPermalink Service Adopted by SAA’s Book Publishing Program.”

I’m sure we’ve all been frustrated at times when we find a web link in an article or citation, click on it, and don’t find what we need. When I was editor of Provenance, I spent a lot of time double checking the links authors provided to make sure they worked, and searching for an updated link if they didn’t.

As a current SAA author, I’m pleased that I’ll be able to use this resource. As I write about reference and access, I constantly look at a variety of institutions’ websites for ideas and examples. I also read many books and articles that reference no longer existing websites or content. I use Zotero and sometimes (not always) remember to save a PDF of what I looked at, both for my reference and in case someone would ask me later. Now I’ll have a way to save those references for SAA to keep!

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