Seeking Expression of Interest: Archives & Manuscripts

for any Australian readers:

Seeking Expressions of Interest Standing Committee on Archives & Manuscripts

The current contract for publication of ASA’s scholarly journal Archives and Manuscripts is scheduled to expire in December 2018. On 13 May 2016, Council decided that it would undertake a member consultation and business analysis of options for the future publication of Archives and Manuscripts. A Standing Committee of professional members is to be established for this purpose, tasked with advising the Council. Council is seeking expressions of interest from interested members in the position(s) of Committee Member, and Chair of the Committee.

A&M is the leading peer-reviewed archival journal published in the Australasian region and has been published continuously since 1955. Since it began life in the 1950s as a publication of the Archives Section of the Australian Library Association, Archives & Manuscripts has evolved from a printed industry journal to a peer reviewed academic publication published in hard copy, and online, as part of the Taylor & Francis stable of academic publications. Changes to the market place and modes of academic publication, suggest that a major review should be undertaken with input from major stakeholders including ASA members, academics and others.

Read the full announcement.

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