New Journal: KULA

I saw this announcement on the A&A listserv a couple weeks ago. I’m curious how the content will shape up and how much will be archives-related. There’s definite potential and I hope archivists consider contributing.

Inaugural Call for Papers – Spring 2016

KULA: Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Preservation Studies is a new peer-reviewed, open access journal, meant to encourage the formation of a multi-disciplinary community of scholars studying human knowledge processes through the ages, concerned to understand their role in the full sweep of human civilizations, and to project them into the future from both humanistic and technological perspectives. KULA has no author publication charges and articles will be published on a continuous basis.

KULA derives its name from the Sanskrit word meaning “community.” Kula is also a reference to the Pacific Rim Terrane called the “Kula Plate” from which Vancouver Island, Canada was formed millions of years ago and is where KULA is based at the University Libraries of the University of Victoria.

KULA will publish articles related to the past, present, and future of Citizen Science; Cultural Heritage; Cultural Heritage Informatics; Culture of Researchers; Data Sharing; Digital Archaeology; Digital Asset Management; Digital Curation; Digital Humanities; Digital Infrastructure; Digital Libraries; Digital Methods; Digital Preservation/ Curation; Digital Repositories; Digital Scholarship; Digitization; Emulation; Humanities Computing; Inclusive Design; Information Systems; Institutional and Policy Design; Knowledge & Research Infrastructures; Knowledge for Development; Knowledge Infrastructure; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; Linked Data; Literary Studies; Media Studies; Multi-Institutional Collaboration; Open Access; Open Access Publishing; Open Scholarship; Open Science; Open Social Scholarship; Peer-Review Systems; Professionalization; Publishing Technologies; Research Assessment; Research Data Management; Research Libraries; Scholarly Communication; Scholarly Editing; Search and Discovery; Semantic Extraction; Social Exclusion; Social Knowledge; Sustainability Models; System Analysis and Design.

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