New Issue: Archives and Records

Volume 37, Issue 2, Autumn 2016


‘A permanent house for local archives’: a case study of a community’s archives in County Offaly
Lisa Collins Shortall

Building an archivist: exploring career paths in our profession since 2008 (an Irish perspective)
Sarah Poutch

Do-it-yourself institutions of popular music heritage: the preservation of music’s material past in community archives, museums and halls of fame
Sarah Baker

Records of the times: layers of creation in the George Orwell archive
David Fitzpatrick

Declassification: a clouded environment
Julia Kastenhofer & Dr Shadrack Katuu

Thinking about and working with archives and records: a personal reflection on theory and practice
Alistair G. Tough

Book Reviews

Her price is above pearls: family and farming records of Alice Le Strange, 1617–1656
Robert F. W. Smith

The no-nonsense guide to archives and recordkeeping
Caroline Sampson

Archives in libraries: what librarians and archivists need to know to work together
Tola Dabiri

Archives alive: expanding engagement with public library archives and special collections
Barbara McLean

The religious census of Bristol and Gloucestershire 1851
Tim Powell

The preservation management handbook: a 21st century guide for libraries, archives and museums
Chris Woods

Is digital different? How information creation, capture, preservation and discovery are being transformed
Anthea Seles

The ethics of memory in a digital age: interrogating the right to be forgotten
Tim Gollins

Encoded archival description tag library, version EAD3
Jane Stevenson

Stolen, smuggled, sold: on the hunt for cultural treasures
Susan Healy

Stirrings in the archives: order from disorder
Alexandrina Buchanan


Constance Brodie (1922–2015)
Susan Beckley & George Dixon

Patricia Margaret Sewell (1961–2016)
Alan Betteridge

CFP: Archives and Records

Archives and Records: The Journal of the Archives and Records Association Call for papers

from the website:

Archives and Public History: Places, Pasts and Identities

Archives are made visible through a broad range of public history activity, from Hollywood blockbusters and television documentaries, to national commemorative events and local community projects.  In common with other cultural heritage assets, they are recognised as a tool that enables people to engage with the past in all sorts of ways.

Nevertheless, questions remain about this intersection of archival heritage, public history and the past. For example:

  • How do archives create and inform knowledge about the past, and what role do they play in the production of histories?
  • How is digital technology changing the way that history-makers and public audiences encounter, understand and use archives?
  • What is the impact of the ‘democratisation’ of history and heritage on how people relate to archival materials?
  • What are the ethical implications of deploying archival heritage to tell stories about diverse places and identities?

This special issue of Archives and Records seeks to explore approaches to the public use of archives, emanating from all fields of study.  We recognise that ground-breaking work on the nature and value of archival heritage is happening across the disciplines, in history, literature, art, sociology, geography, heritage and information studies and beyond.  Many of these voices rarely enter the archives sector literature.  This issue aims to provide a space for encounters between researcher and practitioner discourses, and to encourage the cross-pollination of ideas.

We invite papers on any aspect of the public use of archives.  Contributions might consider, but need not be confined to, the following themes:

  • Popular conceptions and representations of archival heritage
  • The value of the archive to historians and other ‘history-makers’ (including historical fiction authors, TV producers, artists, community groups)
  • Social, historical, political and economic uses of archives by governments, local authorities, universities, community groups and individuals
  • The role of archives in commemorative activity and anniversary events
  • Discourses of memory, remembering/forgetting and archival heritage
  • Intersections with other forms of cultural heritage, e.g. material culture, built environment, intangible heritage

How to submit

Prospective authors are invited to contact the Guest Editor, Victoria Hoyle to discuss potential articles. The deadline for submissions is 31st July 2016. All submissions will be double blind peer-reviewed and should be presented in line with Archives and Records style guidelines.