New Issue: Archival Issues

The newest issue of the Midwest Archives Conference’s journal, Archival Issues, is now available! This issue (42.1) includes three full-length articles and seven publication reviews.

The entire issue can be viewed online in MAC’s open access repository:…

Featured Articles:

“Amplifying Civil Rights Collections with Oral Histories: A Collaboration with Alumni at Queens College, City University of New York” by Annie Tummino and Victoria Fernandez 

“Understanding History, Building Trust, and Sharing Appraisal Authority: Engaging Underrepresented Student Groups through Culture Centers” by Jessica Ballard and Cara Bertram 

“Situating Community Archives Along the Continuum of Community-Engaged Archival Praxis: Autonomy, Independence, and the Archival Impulse” by Lindsay Kistler Mattock and Aiden M. Bettine

Thank you to the authors, reviewers, editors, and others whose excellent work made this issue possible.

Best regards,

Brandon T. Pieczko

Archival Issues Editorial Board Chair

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