CFP: ARMA InfoCon 2023

Be a part of the action by presenting your skills and best practices to the finest in the profession at ARMA International’s InfoCon 2023, at Huntington Place in Detroit, MI, on October 8-11, 2023. 

The call for proposals is open now through February 1, 2023. ARMA seeks sessions that have a measurable impact and lead to workplace results for the participants and that are uniquely engaging and invite the participants to experience content application.

  • Share best practices and innovations and build upon core skills
  • Ignite imaginations and showcase trends in information management and governance
  • Demonstrate clear key concepts, solutions, and takeaways for attendees
  • Supply real-world examples and practical takeaways
  • Be learner focused, creative, and engaging

Presenters will receive a free conference registration. For panel presentations with multiple presenters, two free registrations will be given.

When submitting, please indicate your session track type and session topic focus area.


  1.  CORE CONTENT SESSION: 40-45 minutes


  1. BEGINNER TRACK: Sessions geared towards those with 0-5 years of experience working in the RIM/IG industry.
  2. INTERMEDIATE TRACK: Sessions geared towards those with 6-20 years of experience working in the RIM/IG industry.
  3. ADVANCED TRACK: Sessions geared towards those with 21+ years of experience working in the RIM/IG industry.
  4. EMERGING TRENDS TRACK: Sessions focused on topics related to the latest trends and updates in technology, business methods, etc.
  5. MICROSOFT TRACK: Sessions focused on trends, use cases, and implementation of Microsoft technologies. 
  6. THE SEDONA CONFERENCE® LEGAL TRACK: Sessions focused on legal topics related to information such as contracts management, eDiscovery, technology-assisted review, PII, legal obligations, etc.


  1. ADVANCED INFORMATION CONCEPTS: Sessions focused on advanced information topics such as digital transformation, content services, process automation, continuous auditing, and analytics, etc.
  2. CREATING STRUCTURE AND IMPROVING PROCESS: Sessions focused on the topics of information structure, taxonomy, file plans, metadata, etc., as well as those on process improvement, process analysis, and process management.
  3. DEI: Sessions relevant to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the RIM/IG industry.
  4. ETHICS: Sessions focused on the relationship between the creation, organization, dissemination, and use of information, and the ethical standards and moral codes governing human conduct in society. 
  5. INFORMATION FORWARD (ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY): Sessions focused on any type of advanced technology, for example, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, automated technology-assisted review, autoclassification, etc.
  6. INFORMATION FUNDAMENTALS: Sessions focused on the fundamentals of records management, information management, document management, content management, data management, etc.
  7. PROFESSIONAL ADVANCEMENT: Sessions focused on individual development, for example, certifications, career development, career path analysis, team building, etc.
  8. REDUCING ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION RISK: Sessions focused on information risk reduction such as eDiscovery, ROT analysis, information migration, file share reduction, etc.

Click here for more information on the process and how to submit your proposal.

ARMA strives for a diverse and well-balanced conference. Each submission is given a thorough review, and all submitters will be notified of their status on or before March 31, 2023.


Questions?  Email us at

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