Recent Issue: The Moving Image

The Moving Image, Vol. 18 no. 1 Spring 2018

Editors’ Foreword
Donald Crafton and Susan Ohmer


Where “Post-Race” Happens: National Basketball Association Branding and the Recontextualization of Archival Sports Footage
Timothy J. Piper

The Hidden History of the American Film Institute: The Cold War, Arts Policy, and American Film Preservation
Brian Real

“Why I am Ashamed of the Movies”: Editorial Policy, Early Hollywood, and the Case of Camera!
Peter Lester


Under Threat: One Archive’s Tale from the 2017 Napa and Sonoma County Fires
James Mockoski and Courtney Garcia

RKO’s Studio Archive: The Golden Years
Anthony Slide, Richard Jewell and Robert Carringer

Building a Crowdsourcing Platform for the Analysis of Film Colors
Barbara Flueckiger and Gaudenz Halter

Teaching (Like) Hannah Frank (1984–2017): A Tribute
Mihaela Mihailova, Jen Bircher, Robert Bird, Mariana Johnson, Ian Bryce Jones, Ryan Pierson, Alla Gadassik and Tim Palmer

A Deal with the Devil: Bill Morrison on Dawson City: Frozen Time
Donald Crafton and Bill Morrison


Treasures from the Library of Congress
Review by: Richard Lewis Ward

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