New Issue: Archive Journal, Special Issue on Digital Medieval Manuscript Cultures

Edited by Michael Hanrahan, Bridget Whearty
September 2018

The Digital Archive, Scholarly Enquiry, and the Study of Medieval English Manuscripts
By A. S. G. Edwards

Why Do We Digitize? The Case for Slow Digitization
By Andrew Prescott, Lorna Hughes

Digital Manuscripts as Sites of Touch: Using Social Media for “Hands-On” Engagement with Medieval Manuscript Materiality
By Johanna M. E. Green

Recovering Lost Texts: Rebuilding Lost Manuscripts
By Julia Craig-McFeely

Remix the Medieval Manuscript: Experiments with Digital Infrastructure
By Michelle R. Warren, Bay Lauris ByrneSim, Laura Braunstein, with collaborators (in alphabetical order): Monica Erives, Logan Henderson, Deborah Howe, Divya Kalidindi, Scott Millspaugh, Benjamin Patrick, Emily Ulrich, Qingyu Wang, and Jennifer Zhong

Julian of Norwich and the Digital
By Elizabeth Robertson

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