Practical Technology for Archives: On Hiatus

From the Editor: Journal on Hiatus

The Editorial Board of Practical Technology for Archives and I are to sad announce that we will not be able to publish any issues for the foreseeable future. Due to work constraints I no longer have the time to act as the Managing Editor. No one else on the board has the time to do so either. I guess that is just the reality of Archives at this time.

I will keep this site live for as long as I can.

I would like to thank the Editorial Board, not only for all the work the members have done over the few years we have been publishing, but also for getting this journal off the ground in the first place. So, a hearty and heart-felt “Thank You” to Leah Prescott, Martha McTear, Michael Szajewski, and especially Trevor Thornton (who has managed this site from the beginning). This journal never would have been without you.

All the Best,
Randall Miles
Managing Editor

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