New/Recent Publications: Articles

Pedagogical Strategies for Special Collections,” Uncommon Culture Vol. 7, no. 1/2 (13/14) (2018): Cultural Heritage, Real & Virtual
Edward J. Valauskas

Collecting and Memory: A Study of Travel Archives,” Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing Volume 19 / 2018
Lee Arnold and Thomas van der Walt

Developing occupational therapy students’ information and historical literacy competencies: an interprofessional collaborative project,” Journal of the Medical Library Association 2018 Jul; 106(3)
Rita P. Fleming-Castaldy
The Internet of Bawdies: Transmedial drag and the onlining of trans-feminist and queer performance archives, a workshop essay First Monday Vol. 7 no. 23
T. L. Cowan

Advertising in the Archives: National Museum of American History at The Smithsonian Institution,” Advertising & Society Quarterly Volume 19, Issue 2, 2018
John A. Fleckner and Kathleen Franz

A long way? Introducing digitized historical newspapers in school, a case study from Finland,” – International journal of media, technology and lifelong learning
Vol. 14 – Issue 1 – 2018
Inés Matres García del Pino

Researches on the Use of Micronized Product D.Z.D. (1: 1: 1) in Laboratory and Deposit Conditions for the Deacidification Treatments of the Info-Documentary Collections from Libraries, Archives and Museums,” Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science
Vasile Deac, Ionela Burz, Alexandru Deac

Challenges and opportunities in the evolving digital preservation landscape: reflections from Portico,” Insights, 31, 28
Kate Wittenberg , Sarah Glasser, Amy Kirchhoff, Sheila Morrissey, Stephanie Orphan

Teaching WWI With Primary Sources,” New Jersey Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal Vol 4. no. 2 (2018)
Steve Santucci

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