New Issue: Journal of Digital Media Management

Volume 6 / Number 4 / Summer 2018

Core DAM + more DAM: One company’s attempt to integrate digital asset management into organisational DNA
Authors: Shattuck, Michael; Gardner, Caroline

Case study: Digitising Cleveland Museum of Art history one negative at a time
Author: Hernandez, Susan

Migrating to a virtual environment
Authors: McKenna, John; Marshall, Jason

Digital asset management and libraries, archives and museums: Separation and convergence
Author: Hockx-Yu, Helen

Efficient appraisal and processing of disk images of legacy digital storage media at the Canadian Centre for Architecture
Author: Walsh, Tim

How machine learning can help solve the Big Data problem of video asset management
Author: Walsh, Tim

Taxonomies and metadata for digital asset management
Author: Hedden, Heather

Updating production workflows and adapting systems: Scaling Omeka to meet the needs of a larger-scale archival digital project
Authors: Antell, Haley; Corall, Joe; Dressler, Virginia

Back to the future: Digitising orphaned VHS collections at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Library
Author: Armstrong, Gina

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