New Issue: VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture

VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture
(open access)


Old Stories and New Developments: Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage Online
Alexander Badenoch, Jasmijn van Gorp, Berber Hagedoorn, Judith Keilbach, Eggo Müller, Dana Mustata


Did Grace Kelly Shed a Tear? The Monegasque Royal Wedding as a Disruptive Television Event
John Ellis

‘Great Stuff!’: British Pathé’s YouTube Channel and Curatorial Strategies for Audiovisual Heritage in a Commercial Ecosystem
Eggo Müller

Crossing the Theory-Practice Divide: a Multi-Perspective Reflection on a Practical Course for Film and Television Students
Willemien Sanders, Daniel Everts, Bonnie Van Vugt

Because His Bike Stood There: Visual Documents, Visible Evidence and the Discourse of Documentary
Frank Kessler

Keeping Up the Live: Recorded Television as Live Experience
Karin van Es, Judith Keilbach

Televisual Satire in the Age of Glocalization: The Case of ‘Zondag met Lubach’
Ivo Nieuwenhuis


Is the End of Television Coming to an End?
Jérôme Bourdon

TV on the Radio/ Radio on Television: European Television Heritage as a Source for Understanding Radio History
Alexander Badenoch, Berber Hagedoorn

‘Failed Interviews’: Doing Television History With Women
Dana Mustata

What Is Not in the Archive: Teaching Television History in the Digital Humanities Era
Jasmijn Van Gorp, Rosita Kiewik

‘On the Road Again’: An EMA-Journey to the Origins of Transnational Television in Europe
Andreas Fickers, Andy O’Dwyer, Alexandre Germain

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