New Issue: Practical Technology for Archives

Issue no.9, May 2018

Archives and Airtable: Using Cloud-based Tools for Archival Survey and Workflow Management
Katherine Dirk, Jessica Maddox
The Special Collections and University Archives Department at the University of Nevada, Reno began a physical survey of all department holdings in June 2017. As a first step, the department needed to identify a viable, customizable tool to use to conduct the survey. After looking at options, the surveyors decided to use a cloud-based database tool called Airtable. Airtable fit all anticipated needs for the physical survey and proved to be adaptable to a number of projects and workflows outside of the survey. This article explores the steps taken to identify an appropriate tool, its use in the physical survey, how the department adapted it for use beyond the initial survey of holdings, and future uses of Airtable by the Special Collections and University Archives Department.

What Are We Doing with the Website: Transition, Templates, and User Experience in One Special Collections Library
Rachael Dreyer
This case study explores the issues surrounding web design in the special collections and university archives environment, focusing on the process from the perspective of an archives professional without web development expertise. The author shares how the Eberly Family Special Collections Library made the “design-by-committee” process more effective through collaborative committee work and user experience testing. The case study includes a discussion of the challenges encountered and the strategies employed to enhance the special collections’ website, when working with many library stakeholders and a regimented website template.

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