CFP: TMG – Journal for Media History

This call does not specifically mention archives, but definitely asks questions that archives can answer.


TMG – Journal for Media History is a Netherlands-based, international scholarly, peer-reviewed and open access journal dedicated to media history. It is now calling for articles about Radio Histories. A special issue will be published in November 2019 at an international conference at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum. The editors are prof.dr. Huub Wijfjes, professor in History of Radio and Television at University of Amsterdam and prof.dr. Alec Badenoch, professor in Transnational Media at Free University Amsterdam.

In 2019, the Netherlands will celebrate a century of radio, dating from the first regular broadcast transmissions by Hanso Idzerda on 6 November 1919. This of course is one of many possible centenaries of the medium, as Wolfgang Ernst recounts, for example, from his 2012 archaeology of the radio and the vacuum tube.

The special issue “Radio Histories: 100 years of what?” of TMG – Journal for Media History takes these proliferating centenaries as an occasion to explore a number of histories and genealogies of radio in longue-durée and international perspective. What are the ‘big stories’ of radio? Few media have undergone such radical transformations in terms of technology, industry and use as radio has in its first century. How has radio shaped a century of public speech, of noise, of global connection, colonization, of propaganda or of war? What sources allow us to grasp the big stories – and what sources are still missing? What voices have been silenced and what actors made invisible in the grand narratives of radio? What can exploring radio’s various intermedial connections tell us about its first century? What new perspectives on radio’s century are offered in the new digital research environment? And also: what challenges and opportunities does the digital sphere offer for alternative new modes of radio historical storytelling? TMG – Journal for Media History seeks to stimulate experiments with publishing examples of these new modes, such as, for example, podcasts and online audiovisual content.

On basis of an abstract authors shall be invited to write full articles, that will be peer reviewed. Abstracts or proposals of 1 page and a brief biography of the author(s) can be sent to: or

Deadline for abstracts: June 2018. Final deadline for full articles (before peer review) will be April 2019.

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