New Issue: The Reading Room

The Spring 2018 issue of The Reading Room: A Journal of Special Collections has been published and is available online via the journal website: The Reading Room: A Journal of Special Collections as well as on Scholastica: Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2018 | Published by The Reading Room: A Journal of Special Collections.

In this issue:

  • Gabriella Karl-Johnson investigates the American Viewbooks Collection in the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library at Columbia University. A recent CLIR Hidden Collections grant has increased discovery and exposure of the collection. Ms. Karl-Johnson discusses the depths of what this collection reveals to researchers via the role of contemplative cataloging.
  • Sarah Allison details how New Mexico State University Archives and Special Collections employed a SWOT analysis to evaluate and redesign their student employee program, focusing on developing competencies related to all aspects of the department as well as unitspecific work.
  • What to do with collections lacking original metadata? Erin Passehl-Stoddart shares a creative solution to this common issue for special collections. Using gamification techniques, Ms. Passehl-Stoddart was able to create and enhance metadata while connecting student employees to visual literary standards and library learning goals.

Interested in submitting an article for a future issue or serving as a peer reviewer?  Contact us at

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