New Issue: Records Management Journal

Records Management Journal, Volume 28 Issue 1, 2018

“Public Information Directive (PSI) implementation in two Swedish municipalities”
Proscovia Svärd

“Voices in the cloud: social media and trust in Canadian and US local governments”
Lois Evans, Patricia Franks, Hsuanwei Michelle Chen

“Managing university records in the world of governance”
Mathews J. Phiri, Alistair George Tough

“A review of digital curation professional competencies: theory and current practices”
Yuanyuan Feng, Lorraine Richards

“The missing link in information and records management: personal knowledge registration”
Ragna Kemp Haraldsdottir, Johanna Gunnlaugsdottir

“Recordkeeping in an outsourcing public agency”
Ann-Sofie Klareld

“Post-records survey inspections in Zimbabwe: Reflections on compliance and non-compliance with records survey recommendations”
Samson Mutsagondo

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