(Semi) Open Access: Taylor & Francis Journals

I recently found out that Taylor & Francis provides some content as open access. Much of what they have is behind subscription paywalls, but I am pleasantly surprised they offer a way to search their journals that’s available to anyone.

The search function is on their website. After a search, you’ll see both open and subscription content. On the left side is a box to check to limit to open access journals.

A quick search for “archives” yielded quite a few results. However, I know not all were relevant to the archival profession. But there are several library and archives journals published by Taylor & Francis, including Archives & ManuscriptsJournal of Archival OrganizationArchives and Records, and others.

This is a helpful resource for the many archivists whose institutions don’t subscribe to the database. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “(Semi) Open Access: Taylor & Francis Journals

  1. Thanks Cheryl, this is good news that I will share with others. We are working on an OA policy for the library and this information can be added to a bibliography of OA resources.


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