New Page: Newsletters

When I started this blog, I knew that there are a wide variety of archival writing opportunities. I chose to focus on scholarly publishing due to the lack of guidance and resources for archivists.

Now that the blog has been active for over 2 years, it’s a good time to assess and rethink. I still plan to have the bulk of the content focus on scholarly publishing. However, there are many opportunities that provide good writing practice which can eventually lead to journal, chapter, or book publications.

Therefore, I compiled a long list of newsletters on a separate page. Because there’s so much out there, including a newsletter link is limited to archival or related organizations and groups; individual and/or institutional newsletters will not be included to help maintain a manageable list. But please let me know if there are any to be added.

While I will try to post announcements about calls for contents or new issues, there are so many it is unlikely I’ll keep up. But I’ll do what I can! And I hope you find this valuable.

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